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Japonese Shears of finest quality, Absolute Scissors is the highest quality provider/supplier of Japonese Shears /scissors. Free delivery everywhere around the world. Rapid dispatch service offered. We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of Japonese Scissors for the European, UK, Australian and American markets. Order in confidence and receive a lifetime quality product. Our Japanese Shears, come directly from the world top master craftsmen executed to samuray swords standards, with the best quality blades.

Japanese Shears & Scissors of the highest quality

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Fuji More-Z, Yasaka & Yamato

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Blades for Life

Fuji More-Z, Yasaka and Yamato offer the finest Japanese Scissors available for your profession and include our Lifetime Warranty.

Japanese Crafting

Professional scissors & shears, hand-made by master craftsmen forged in the way Japanese Sword Smiths have done for centuries.

Official Distributor

Absolute Scissors is your Official Distributor for Fuji More-Z, Yamato, Yasaka & Kamisori Shears. We provide Free Worldwide Shipping.

Today, professional hair stylists do not go into battle with swords, but they do need exquisite steel that is flexible, hard, sharp and durable. Our brands continuously  innovate and always achieve the highest and most resistant metals combined into very sharp, easy and comfortable scissors/shears. Explore our exclusive collection of Japanese Shears. These models are manufactured one-by-one by the most respected Japanese blade smiths with a tradition steeped in the finest craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next. Used by famous platform hair artists all over the world. Experts know and appreciate fine quality.

Quality reviews from people around the world:

Fuji for Life. It’s a really super Scissors! Thanks so much! Really like the quality of texturizing

Leo ObosaFuji GF 65

Amazing! Love Love!

Erick RiosYASAKA M600 Little Rock, USA

I got my scissors delivered to Denmark just in a couple of days, thanks very much!

Anna SjodinYAMATO WING 65 Copenhagen, Denmark

Good Business, very happy! Very Nice new scissors line of Fuji More-z

Rezlane BermejoFUJI GF 60 Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the Fuji More-z quality! Very happy, thanks a lot!

Adrian VassalloFUJI MF 60 Malta

Very Happy, great price, thank you!

Lee Anne Eddie YASAKA KM 65 New South Wales, Australia

Todo Ok!

Ana Belen Moreno Salvador Madrid, Spain

Excellent service, thanks so much!

NicolasYasaka YS300 | Salon International, France

The shears arrived early and smartly packaged. The seller was very communicative.

Jackie Weiss New York, USA

I have purchased the greatest ever Japonese Scissor, for personal use. I am so happy with the product. Highest quality and craftmanship. Design for life.

Stefan RaduYasaka

Absolute Scissors – Blades for Life.

High quality supplier of Japanese Scissors.

Absolute Scissors delivers innovative shears that are carefully hand-made from some of the finest materials available today. No other world class supplier combines such diverse range of high quality products, made from forged metals with such unique craftsmanship. The end result is light-weight, ergonomic and perfectly balanced shears for fast, precise and smooth cutting. During manufacturing, each pair is cleverly constructed using results from years of study, research, testing and experience. Each pair goes through a series of  steps to ensure the final result is nothing but perfection. The brands we distribute are crafted only by senior craftsmen have been making hair cutting instruments for generations and to them, superior blade-making is a form of art that only certain individuals with extensive talent and experience can master.

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